Scorpio Interview Tips

Scorpio Interview Tips and Career Advice

Are you interviewing soon, and want effective interview advice based on your astrological sign?

Then you need to take both your Scorpio sign and the interview process serious.

First, let’s go over your sign. If you’re a Scorpio, then you’re determined, which is good for getting a job you want. You also have an independent streak that comes in handy when it comes to finding work. You’re also very practical, so you can get things done quickly and efficiently. This makes you a great fit for jobs where efficiency is key, such as sales or accounting. Finally, you’re a bit of a talker at times, but this may come in handy if you ever do end up working in human-facing tasks.

One thing to be cautious about as a Scorpio is that your determination may make you focus one specific job or company, or one specific position. Instead of having tunnel vision and needing to get a specific job, you should rather be determined about the *type* of job. Don’t just be super determined to get the Sales Supervisor II position at Proctor and Gamble, but instead be super determined to get a sales manager job at any large firm, preferably a consumer packaged goods company. The best way to avoid this is to look for multiple opportunities and keep them all open until they suit your needs.

Interview Tips Generally

Generally, you’ll want to follow standard interview tips.

1) Show up on the interview on time: interviewers are generally not tolerance if you show up even 2 minutes late. They know that an interviewee who can’t even have the self-control to show up to an interview on time will have work-ethics problems and tend to be slackers. The best tactic to showing up on time is actually to show up to the interview building 10 minutes early. Then burn the extra minutes outside at a coffee shop or just hanging out a block away. You don’t want to show up to the waiting room too early: if you’re at the receptionist more than 20 minutes early, it could be awkward.

2) Research the company beforehand: Don’t just know the name and industry, but also know a few key facts such as their market cap, recent acquisitions, and who are the major players in the company. You don’t need to become an expert, but knowing a few key things such as where they are located (country and city) would be good too.

3) Practice your answers to common interview questions: There’s tons of lists online with common questions you may get asked.Look up these lists online, and then practice the answers out loud and in front of a mirror. After a few rounds of this, do a mock interview with a friend. Be somewhat dressed, have the friend ask you a series of questions, and then have the friend give you feedback:

4) Dress to impress: Arrive at the interview in professional attire. This means no jeans, shorts, t-shirts, or anything that can be considered as casual wear. Instead, wear dark colored suits, dark colored dress slacks and a dress shirt with a tie.

5) Be confident and smile: Arrive at the interview with a positive attitude. Even if you’re stressed out, never let it show. Stay calm and cool at all times. Also, smile when you can: people are more likely to like you if you smile.

6) Follow up after the interview: Regardless of how well or bad the interview went, send a thank you note to the company. This gives them a positive impression of your graciousness, and makes you memorable.

Use Your Scorpio Strength

There are a few job interview tips that are specific to your Scorpio sign though. See these tips as on top of standard interview advice, instead of replacing standard interview advice.

1) Use the determination of a Scorpio to express confidence: Your interviewer will be able to sense your confidence. If you’re confident, then you’ll be able to convince the hiring manager that you’re the best candidate.

2) Be mysteriously tactical: Don’t just say the answer that comes to mind, but be circumspect about how the interviewer will interpret your answer. For example, if the interviewer asks if you have any questions, you might respond by asking if there are any opportunities to advance in the company within the next 2 years. This shows that you’re motivated and have forethought.

3) Be a bit of a rebel: Even if it’s just for show, act like a rebel in an interview. Most people are so nervous about interviews that they become too compliant. This doesn’t mean not following instructions, but it does mean cultivating a calm, and for a small fraction of questions that you don’t think are optimally posed, flip it around to the question you wanted asked.

Finally, you should keep in mind your key strengths as Scorpio in the interviewing process. Scorpios do best in job interviews when they

1) are in a field that allows them to be independent and free.

2) have a high degree of control over their work

3) have a high degree of complexity in their work.

Hopefully, this guide helps you as a Scorpio ace your interview. Good luck!

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